During the last 10 years, realtors have witnessed significant variations in the real estate industry. Buying and selling of property have adopted new ways, generally beginning with online market research and getting a clearer image of what exactly they want from their future home.

Digital marketing has been shown to be the best option for realtors when selecting from marketing options. Digital marketing has taken so much over real estate sector that almost all activities, from generating new leads to closing successful deals, are being conducted online.

Significance of Digital Marketing in Real Estate

Although almost every industry endorses digital marketing, similar are the trends in the real estate industry. Yet several realtors and brokers underestimate the significance and need of online marketing in the real estate industry.

Digital marketing through social media proved to be a game-changer. Digital marketing allows you to raise brand recognition as well as take a competitive advantage over rivals through unique and innovative marketing ideas. From purchasing Facebook Ads to uploading and sharing new listings with social media contacts.


Use of Search engines to collect Information

In the current era, finding information is quite easy. Everyone uses a search engine to find almost any piece of information. People do not waste time seeking information from friends, colleagues, or neighbors. To stay in eyes of online visitors, you have to digitally show the presence of your business. Your online presence will generate your brand awareness that will generate leads and traffic to your website.

As you reach out to people and your customers through digital media, you will not want to lose out on your customers and people searching for you online. To stay on top of the searches, consider the following 10 tips for real estate digital marketing.

  1. Prioritize your website

Your business website should be the first step in your digital marketing efforts. For the real estate business, it is essential to have a clean and professional website. While doing online shopping, people want to be ensured that the company or the expert they are contacting is real and trustworthy, especially while dealing in property.

Having a website is just not enough until it is not user-friendly and responsive. It must contain all relevant information and must be accessible easily to your potential customers. SEO optimization for websites is specifically significant, the absence of which may cause all your efforts go in vain.

A website for a Real Estate Company might be a challenge for the developer as it contains several images and links. However, real estate professionals opt to generate a responsive and user-friendly website that is also suitable for mobile browsing.

You must include the below-given content on your mobile-friendly website in order to provide great experience to the visitors:

  • All new listings
  • Content that can assist consumers in the property buying process
  • Links to services such as attorneys, movers, and house inspectors that are pertinent to relocating.
  • Live chat option
  1. Generate social media account

Social media accounts are as essential as your website. Social media is one powerful tool for realtors and brokers. To reach a larger audience and attract a greater pool of potential customers, you must invest in social media marketing campaigns. Cover all social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, to target your audience. Do not miss the YouTube channel to attract new clients. Marketing on these platforms may let you reach customers who may have not noticed you otherwise. The content you should share on your social media pages and channels could include:

  • Existing or new listings
  • Bios of the team (if you run a real estate brokerage)
  • Case studies to illustrate a scenario.
  • Blog entries that are relevant
  • Case studies of success

While working on a social media marketing strategy, you must keep in mind the aspect of creativity so that you can target more audiences than merely those looking for a single home. Strategic planning is crucial before uploading content on social media.

  1. Create and publish useful blog content

As we have mentioned earlier that your real estate business website must have SEO optimization. There are several ways you can improve SEO one of which is blogs. Frequently include responsive blogs to your website, including workable advice regarding the sale or purchase of residential property or commercial property. For a real estate professional, a digital marketing plan is of no use without relevant and excellent content.

Publishing relevant and useful content on your website helps in other terms as well. Whether a person is a first-time buyer or an old customer, he must bear several queries and concerns. Through your content, you can give maximum description prior to their questioning for their satisfaction.

  1. Pay-Per-Click advertising

Another great method to generate ads based on new leads is Pay-Per-Click (PPC), in which the business pays for each time the ad is clicked.

Realtors usually seek this PPC while choosing from digital marketing options because they only have to pay for the actual traffic. People who use relevant keywords on google or any other search engines are specifically targeted for PPC ads.

  1. Create an email marketing campaign

An email marketing campaign is an interactive option for realtors to stay connected with old customers as well as to reach potential customers. A proper email marketing campaign would plan its marketing material thoroughly and based on customers’ history to reach out to them with new offers.

According to a survey, the average open rate for real estate companies is around 27%, with a CTR of 3%. However, the chances to open an email increase if your content is more relevant to the customer.

  1. Virtual tours to host

Buying any property is a difficult decision to make and being a realtor, it is your job to provide as much convenience as you can, to the existing and potential customers.

In the real estate business, a virtual tour of a property is a wonderful option. This method not only generates desired goals and leads, 49% quicker than those who are not using the virtual tour and relying on non-video content but also generates a sense of reliability and trust among viewers and customers. A great virtual tour must include:

  • Rather than using digital drawings, genuine footage of the property or the whole layout plan must be used.
  • Assure that the tour video is dynamic and responsive across all platforms (mobile and desktop)
  • Virtual tour must be 3D and user-friendly
  1. Organize a webinar

Another successful option for digital marketing in the real estate industry is to share your experience and knowledge through webinars and seminars. You can easily reach a huge audience while staying in the business.

In the real estate business, digital marketing heavily relies on inbound leads, therefore, for a successful campaign, it is critical to get your name to fame.


  1. Dedicate efforts to SEO

To drive heavy traffic to your business website, Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) is a wonderful and important technique. If SEO is done properly and incorrect manner, your business website and web pages will appear higher in search engine results.

Due to continuous variations in algorithms of Google or other search engines, it is important to frequently work on your SEO. To impart significant impact of SEO, keywords play major role. Make sure to incorporate keywords and top-ranking phrases into your SEO content. Apart from keywords, other elements to include are:

  • Backlinks
  • Online directories
  • Social media pages
  • Meta titles and descriptions
  1. High-resolution photography

Despite the increasing trend of virtual tours and videos, real estate listings remain incomplete without high-quality attractive photos. Original photos of the property are noticed at first by the buyers. Research shows a 32% faster selling rate for the property with quality images than those without good images.

  1. Show proof of your accomplishments

While dealing with a potential customer, you can tell your several success stories to them but words from your happy customers will work magic. Social proof from satisfied clients is one of the most compelling marketing strategies and it builds trust levels between you and your potential customer without major effort. For it, encourage your customers to post a review on google’s business profile, website, and social media pages. Also mentions your achievements, awards, and recognition in your industry.

Final Words

Digital marketing is first priority of any business. Above mentioned strategies for online or digital marketing are less costly and reach wide audience. All you need a creative mind and an idea which suits best to hit your potential customers.