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Success is not possible alone and every investor should have a creative, hardworking team of professionals at their service. Daaclay has brought together the best people the industry has to offer. Each of our team members plays a vital role in the fulfillment of the collective mission to bring about a real estate revolution.

Daaclay is becoming one of the leading online real-estate resources for researching properties. We introduce buyers to property professionals and provide our users with a comprehensive search engine equipped with high-tech marketing tools for premium and luxury properties available to buy, sell, exchange, or rent out.

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At Daaclay, we strive to make your real estate ambitions achievable and manageable. We work to understand our markets and our clients’ needs. Our team works hard to provide you the answers of all the possible queries related to real estate. Our easy-to-navigate portals put the power in your hands. Let us take care of all your investment concerns. By simplifying the time you spend researching and managing properties, we enable you to score more investment deals and grow your business. We believe that working with “all heart” can change the world. Your success is our success, so we aim to offer you every tool and resource you need to achieve.


We have set our focus on revolutionizing the real estate market in Pakistan. We set a high bar and move mountains to exceed expectations. As the services and technology in the real estate industry continue to innovate and expand, we will be there every step of the way providing these advancements directly to you. Relationships are everything to us; we connect people to their homes and to their communities. Daaclay will become a household name for every real estate need for years and years to come. We want to win at what we do, and we do all we can to help our investors, buyers and agents.

Best Housing Society In Lahore

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Best Housing Society In Lahore

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Daaclay is the most unique and modernized real estate portal in Pakistan. Consider us your one-stop-shop for all of your real estate needs. Enjoy the sleek features and usability while you search properties, manage real estate projects marketed by us. Daaclay is also known as a reputed real estate project marketing brand in Pakistan.

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Al Marjaan Housing, Sialkot

Al Marjaan Housing, Sialkot

Al Marjaan Housing, Sialkot, provides the most affordable Residential and Commercial Plots in Sialkot at a prime location near Sialkot International Airport. Al Marjaan Housing, Sialkot, also proves to be a one-stop fix for many modern living amenities of this time and age under one roof. The project creates a place full of convenience. Apart from primary amenities, it aims for modern luxuries. It is a gated community with a high-class lifestyle and eco-friendly environment.

Team behind Al Marjaan Housing, Sialkot

Al Marjaan Housing is a joint venture project of Sky-blue Builders and Daaclay (SMC-Pvt) Ltd. The developers have a wealth of experience and have completed many mega projects in Education, Health, Housing & infrastructural development. Daaclay is well known for using Unique Boosting Strategies. They have complete details of legal, official, and legitimate demands.          Map Location: Al Marjaan Housing, Sialkot is the next biggest trade zone having the advantage of its prime location, which fulfills trade needs by having Sialkot Motorway interchange, Sambrial Dry Port, and Sialkot International Airport within a radius of just a few Kms.

Al Marjaan Housing, Sialkot also has easy access to connected cities. The Sky-blue Builders, the developers of Al Marjaan Housing, Sialkot, have made an immense effort to pick the right area to provide the citizens with all the facilities in the most efficient way.

AL Marjaan Housing Sialkot

NOC Status:

Al Marjaan Housing, Sialkot, is the first largest project in the city approved by concerned authorities and offers 100% land ownership with an easy payment plan.

Payment Plan:

Al Marjaan Housing, Sialkot’s most prominent features are its affordability. The payment plans of Al Marjaan Housing, Sialkot, are investor-friendly, flexible, and easy to manage and to gain positive reviews from buyers and investors.

Al Marjaan Housing, Sialkot, uses a 3-Year Installment Plan, including half-Annual and monthly installments. Monthly installments begin at just PKR 7,000. Al Marjaan Housing, Sialkot, is an excellent choice for a man with specific savings who want to make their own dream home.

Residential Plots:

The residential plots of Al Marjaan Housing, Sialkot, are available in the following categories to make it easier for residents:

  • 3 Marla
  • 5 Marla
  • 10 Marla

Commercial Plots:

The commercial plots are available in these categories to help residents, businessmen & Investor:   

4 Marla

Development Status:

The progress of Al Marjaan Housing, Sialkot, is moving at a rapid rate. A team of experienced developers puts their effort to the best of their skills to finish the housing project as soon as possible. The vast majority of homes have been constructed and occupied. Some of the houses under construction are in the process of being completed.

Prominent Features:

Al Marjaan Housing, Sialkot, provides an increase in certain features and amenities to provide residents with a high-quality living experience. It makes the lives of the citizens more at ease. The benefits include:

  • Gated Community
  • Ideal Location
  • Electricity
  • Sui-gas
  • Wide Carpeted roads
  • Educational Institutions
  • Grand Mosque
  • Guards and Security Gadget
  • Very well-connected Medical Complex
  • Theme Parks and Zoos
  • Community Club
  • Excellent infrastructure
  • The Gymnasium, as well as the Cinemas
  • Vast Commercial Markets
  • Water Filtration Vegetation
  • Sewerage System

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What are the reasons to invest In Al Marjaan Housing, Sialkot?

The area and the environment is every homeowner’s most essential aspect. Al Marjaan Housing, Sialkot, is working hard to provide elegant, comfortable, and green surroundings to every one of its residents at a very reasonable price. Having a home in Al Marjaan Housing, Sialkot is a luxury that anyone can afford.

  • Affordable Plot Rates

Al Marjaan Housing, Sialkot, offers plots with easy installments. Its rates are flexible compared to other Housing Societies in Sialkot, and this point will be the best investment opportunity for new Investors. 3 Marla and 5 Marla plots would be excellent for financial investment. Still, the critical point is that all financial assets rely on the purchaser’s budget; if the purchaser has adequate cash to spend, he must pay—many overseas Pakistani contacts us for a better place to invest. 

  • Prime Location

Because of the walking distance from Sialkot International Airport, the location of Al Marjaan Housing is ideal. The ideal location, trusted developers, modern features, and fast and innovative development make this project one of the best housing projects in Sialkot.

  • Sialkot Industrial Zone

Punjab Industrial Estates Development and Management Company is going to establish Industrial Zone for Sialkot. Due to the development of Sialkot Industrial Zone the importance of living in Sialkot increases tremendously. To reside in a residential property or any commercial plot used for business purposes, Al Marjaan Housing, Sialkot is the ideal choice. Because of the costs of plots are linked in a manner that they are affordable, reasonable and can be quickly paid monthly by the residents. Therefore, INVEST NOW!

Price list and Payment plan

Masterplan of Al Marjaan Housing

Al Marjaan housing located near Sialkot International airport is a fabulous and well planned project designed with modern amenities for luxurious and affordable living. It will fulfill residential and business needs for people coming from abroad. The masterplan seeks to provide new communities and high quality links in a coordinated way. We present you the most iconic and unique housing scheme in Sialkot offering a modern and comfortable life style. Al-Marjaan Housing is adjacent to many posh housing projects located in the vicinity and easily accessible. The construction of Sialkot motorway and Shahbaz Bridge will further increase the value of your investment. Al Marjaan Housing is being developed by well-established town planner and construction company Sky Blue Builders and marketed by


Al-Marjaan Housing Sialkot - Location & Approach

Al-Marjaan housing is a mega and well planned housing project located near Sialkot International Airport and Shahbaz Bridge, Sialkot. Back in the days the property nearest to railway stations and highways was considered as most valuable and worthy but in present time properties near airport have may more value. Al-Marjaan housing value will be more increased due to construction of Shahbaz Bridge and Sialkot motorway. Al Marjaan housing is eco-friendly housing projects located in the vicinity and easily accessible. The project has been perfectly designed keeping in mind the modern day features of housing scheme. This brilliant location has increased its repute and goodwill among the investors and home buyers. Al Marjaan Housing Sialkot is a fabulous project located near Sialkot International Airport & Motorway provided with all the needs for the residents and business people from within the country. As well as it will also fulfill residential and business needs for people coming from abroad.

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