Best Housing Society in Lahore

Al-Bari Housing project is one of Lahore’s most prominent and Best Housing societies in Lahore. It offers affordable housing to the people of Lahore. It has a vast land bank, and the society provides facilities like 24-hour security, playgrounds, clubs and other activities for its residents.

Al-Bari Housing Society is a development project by Al-Bari Developers (Pvt) Ltd. and Al-Bari is at a Prime Location in Lahore, 10 Mints Away from Lahore Airport. Society’s main aim is to provide a place full of convenience and luxuries of life in a safe environment.

It is serene with lush green lawns, ponds and parks. Many amenities are available for all residents, including schools, hospitals, markets, parks etc. It is well connected by road.

The prices are highly competitive and can be easily afforded by all. The excellent facilities offered by Al- the Bari Housing project makes it one of the best housing societies in Lahore.

LDA Approved Society

It is essential to ensure that society is approved before buying a plot. Al-Bari Housing is Approved by LDA (all concerned authorities). It offers 100% owned land. Al-Bari Housing, Lahore, is a housing project that intersects two critical objectives: providing affordable housing to the masses and providing the best investment opportunity to investors.

Conjoint Project

Al-Bari Housing Lahore is a conjoint project of Al-Bari developers (Pvt) Ltd. and Daaclay (SMC-Pvt) Ltd. Both organizations committed to social development. By joining their efforts, they can simultaneously address both short-term and long-term needs.

  • Al-Bari Developers (Pvt) Ltd. is known for its quality Infrastructure Development & construction of buildings. Ethical and transparent business practices and high property maintenance standards are the core values of Al-Bari Developers (Pvt) Ltd.
  • As well as Daaclay (SMC-Pvt) Ltd. is well known real estate marketing company that uses various boosting and marketing strategies to attract mature and severe buyers.

Prime Location

Al-Bari Housing, Lahore, has more significant importance because of its ideal location as the best housing soc­­­­iety in Lahore.­­­

  • 20 Minutes from Lahore Airport
  • 25 Minutes from Lahore Motorway
  • 10 Minutes from Ferozepur road
  • 10-Minutes from Raiwind road
  • 10 Mints from Ferozepur Interchange Ring road
  • 10-Mints from Halloki Interchange, Ring road

Prominent features and amenities

Al-Bari Housing, Lahore, is a well-planned best housing society in Lahore with all the modernized facilities of this age and time. It is famous among investors because of its high-tech system and security.

Eco-Friendly Environment

As the environmental situation in Lahore is alarming, Al-Bari works hard to provide its residents with a home in a safe environment. It is the best housing society in Lahore with many eco-friendly activities such as:

  • Integration of green building concepts
  • Rainwater Re-Harvesting
  • Integrated Horticulture with weather & terrain
  • Fruit Gardening
  • Environment Engineering
  • Variety of ornamental landscapes and recreational facilities

Self-Owned Power Plant

The society has its power plant to meet the electrical amenities of the residents—the project aimed for all basic facilities, including sewage and maintained water distribution systems.

Wide Carpet Roads

The roads and other infrastructure are adequately advanced with an excessive degree of professionalism and system to ensure the best improvement in transportation. The vast and gorgeous roads and streets are perfect to declare Al-Bari Housing the Best Housing Society to live in Lahore for providing a stunning appearance.


This project was created to satisfy the religious needs of the people there. In addition, the developers have built a beautiful Jamya mosque to cater to the people’s diverse religious interests.

Secure Society

Communities demand complete protection. A gated network is one way to provide that Protection, CCTV Cameras and other Security equipment are correctly positioned throughout the community to offer complete security.


Public recreational parks are painstakingly developed and built to ensure that the people dwelling there will have an expensive life with a strong bond with nature. Families, especially children, will spend their free time in those parks, living a happy and wholesome life.

Community Clubs

Community clubs offer fantastic opportunities for residents to interact, bond, and care for each other’s social needs in a wholesome hobby. Citizens will have the opportunity to socialize, build a real sense of connection, and end up in a family.

Health and Medical Facilities

This will be a unique society because its hospitals will have the highest modern-day standards of care. The population will be provided with good clinics. These hospitals will be the best in Pakistan.

Why Invest in Lahore?

With great commercial importance and historical significance. The town located in Lahore was always considered a hub for modern infrastructure best housing societies to invest in. This is among the primary reasons that it has always attracted property investors and people from the surrounding areas and across the country. Lahore is growing continuously, and its urban area is growing vertically to meet the demands of the growing population. Commercial properties are popping up all over the different parts of the city, with a high real estate value. In light of the explosive expansion that is taking place in this property marketplace, Al-Bari is the best housing society to invest in Lahore; 2022 is the year to be a winner to invest in commercial properties in Lahore. Furthermore, the abundance of reliable, safe and profitable commercial investment options increases investors’ comfort.

Payment Plan

Al-Bari Housing, Lahore, offers residential plots of 3, 5 and 10 Marla (Booking starts at Rs275,000/-) and commercial plots of 4 Marla. The plots are available in 30 affordable monthly instalments. You can start construction as soon as you pay the booking price.