Benefits of Investing in Kashmir Modern City

For the first time in Kashmir, a well-planned housing scheme has been launched under the name of ‘Kashmir Modern City’ by Al-Bari Developers (Pvt) Ltd. Kashmir Modern city will have all modern amenities such as hospitals, schools, and parks. This scheme offers an excellent quality of life in terms of infrastructure and environment.

Kashmir Modern City in Azad Kashmir:

The Daaclay in Azad Kashmir, a well-planned housing scheme, has been launched with the name of ‘Kashmir Modern City ‘by Al-Bari Developers (Pvt) Ltd. The project is located in Jatland and directly accesses Bhimber road (a Rich green area). This project provides all basic needs like continuous water supply, electricity, and gas.

The development will have spacious layouts with all modern amenities such as schools, hospitals, shopping malls, parks, and expressways. The project is being developed in collaboration with several international companies and has already received approval from the Government of Azad Kashmir.

Prominent features of Kashmir Modern City in Azad Kashmir

Kashmir Modern City, a well-planned housing scheme launched by Al-Bari Developers (Pvt) Ltd. in Azad Kashmir, is one of the region’s most prominent features. The central focus of this project is to provide the following:

  • Business Sectors
  • Active CCTV Action Monitoring
  • Community Services
  • Health Services
  • Educational Institutes
  • Islamic Research & Education Centre
  • Sports & Recreational Activities
  • Sports Club (indoor)
  • Public Parks
  • Community Club
  • Town Management System (App Base)
  • Maintenance Services
  • Kids Activity Park

The Prominent Features of the Kashmir Modern City in the rich green terrain of Jatland (Mirpur) are its green spaces, pedestrian streets, and well-maintained public infrastructure. The Kashmir Modern City is also home to many world-renowned academic institutions and museums.

Kashmir has always been known for its natural beauty. The landscape, lakes, and snow-capped mountains are some of the prominent features that have made Kashmir a popular tourist destination. However, the recent Daaclay Real-estate project Marketing and Management Company in the region has made the of a modern city – Kashmir Modern City. Here are some key features: Fruit Gardening, Preservation of Natural Landscape, Environment Engineering, and Up to 20% Green Area.

Reasons to Invest in Kashmir Modern city in Azad Kashmir.

Kashmir Modern City- a project by Daaclay Company is becoming an ideal location in the rich green terrain of Jatland (Mirpur). The Kashmir Modern City is accessible directly from Bhimber Road. For all new projects in the real-estate business.

Daaclay offers a lot of benefits for investors. Here are the top reasons to invest in Kashmir modern city:

  • Kashmir Modern City is an essential region with rich natural resources.
  • The Kashmir modern city has a stable Management Company and excellent infrastructure.
  • There is a growing demand for services and goods in the region, which makes it an attractive investment opportunity.
  • Kashmir Modern City’s economic growth potential is high, making it an excellent place to start or expand a business.
  • The local population is highly educated and skilled, making it an ideal workplace.

 Accessing all Basic facilities in Kashmir’s Modern City

 Kashmir Modern City is one of the most beautiful and luxurious cities in the rich green terrain of Jatland (Mirpur). Kashmir Modern City has all the basic facilities that a modern city needs, such as hospitals, schools, colleges, etc. The City is also very safe and peaceful.

Medical and Health Care Basic Facilities in Kashmir Modern City

Kashmir Modern City, the largest and Luxury City in the rich green terrain of Jatland (Mirpur), the Kashmir Modern City Is Accessible Directly from Bhimber Road is home to a vibrant modern city with many world-class facilities. The Kashmir Modern city has an excellent medical and healthcare infrastructure with hospitals and clinics, numerous diagnostic centers, and an extensive network of private healthcare providers. The Kashmir Modern City also has an extensive range of primary medical facilities, including pharmacies, diagnostic centers, maternity wards, and ambulance services.

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Luxurious Housing Scheme in Kashmir.

Daaclay hopes to fill the lives of its customers with comfort, luxury, and love. Our Clients’ happiness is a sign of our accomplishments. We strive to find innovative ways to deliver on our commitments. We are committed to our goals and pursue our stakeholders and regular customers to make advancements.

Many people are looking to improve their living conditions to live a more luxurious life for themselves and their families. Daaclay is passionate and caring for your desires. In the housing developments situated in Mirpur Azad Kashmir, all commercial and residential plots are divided according to the number of applicants. The distribution process is carried out through auctions and bids. A similar process is used within Kashmir Modern City.

The development authority has announced this project by international standards. Overseas Pakistani also have the option to purchase land in Pakistan, enjoy the benefits of a lavish lifestyle, and preserve the gorgeous lifestyle of Pakistan. So, invest in plots of land in this contemporary housing society. The submission of forms is handled at our principal office.

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