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Lahore View City | Payment Plan 2023 | Map | Location

Lahore View City is a highly recommended Housing Scheme Project for Investment Nestled strategically at the Eastern By-Pass (Kala Khatie Interchange) on the Ring Road in Lahore. Lahore View City (LVC) emerges as a well-planned residential and commercial development project. Its prime location, overlooking the banks of the Ravi River, falls under the vigilant eye […]

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6 Ways to Ensure you Make Best Real Estate Investment in Pakistan

For both international Pakistanis and local investors, Pakistan offers tremendous possibilities. Many individuals are unaware that Pakistan offers a variety of investment options beyond the well-known ones like the stock exchange, bank deposits, Govt. securities & bonds, currencies, and mutual funds. However, Investment in Real estate is the most lucrative one and brings rather fewer […]

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Why Invest in Pakistan Real Estate?

In the age of inflation, you are lucky if you still have money left over after paying your bills. You now have a choice between saving the excess funds in your bank account or investing them in a business or other type of investment. Save or Invest? Savings are risk-free, and you can earn a […]

Best Housing Societies of Sialkot to Consider for Investment

Sialkot is one of the major industrialized areas of Pakistan with a major part of the total exports of the country. Britain magazine ‘The Economist’ has indicated Sialkot as a “world-class Manufacturing hub”. According to 2017 statistics, Sialkot exported 10% of the total exports of that year in Pakistan. The primary industry of Sialkot consists […]