It is obvious that an investment in land is the safest and least risky way to secure money. People usually search for the best options to invest in secure property with the potential for growth and maximum financial returns. Jammu and Azad Kashmir, in this regard, is growing with a number of housing societies in Azad Kashmir. While talking about housing societies, the most important things to consider include the facilities surrounding a certain housing project. In Azad Kashmir and Mirpur, Bhimber Road gives an exceptional privilege to access a mega housing project in Kashmir.

Bhimber Road, Jammu, and Kashmir

Bhimber Road’s significance may be perfectly described as a road that Mughal rulers frequently used to travel to Kashmir Valley, which is primarily why the district is rich in archaeological legacy. Bhimber road is located on the borderline between Azaad Kashmir and Pakistan, about 50 km away from Mirpur, 37 km from Jehlum, 48 Km from Gujrat, and about 166 km from Islamabad. Due to easy access to Bhimber road for people of Kashmir and Punjab, residence in Kashmir Modern City is extremely convenient.

Bhimber Road’s significance can also be classified under the tourism industry. By making it simple for people to travel to Kashmir, Bhimber Road has played a significant part in increasing the nation’s economy. For the ease of travelers, the government has also given priority to the construction of high-quality highways. Travellers can enjoy the breathtakingly gorgeous valleys, waterfalls, rivulets, and historical places along the Bhimber route.

Best Residential Scheme in Kashmir

Adjacent to Bhimber Road, Kashmir’s first mega and well-planned housing project is being developed under name “Kashmir Modern City”. Kashmir Modern City is a promising idea by Al-Bari Developers (Pvt) Ltd. and is provided to you by daaclay. It is intended to be Kashmir’s first well-planned and best housing scheme in Kashmir with a gated community.

Economic Significance of the Project

Kashmir Modern City, which is directly connected to the proposed CPEC Route, is likely the best-located and only suburban residential development project now under construction in Kashmir. From several significant neighborhoods and amenities, the project is easily accessible.

The benefits of investing in Kashmir Modern City are numerous. It is first and foremost the first and only project in the city that is well-planned and excellent for housing at reasonable costs, not to mention with highly alluring payment options. Second, as the construction moves forward, local experts predict that Kashmir Modern City’s real estate value will rise significantly, providing investors with excellent profits within the next one to two years.

Kashmir Modern City

Residential plots in Kashmir have been designed to have a fully-facilitated gated community and come with all the luxuries of contemporary suburban & eco-friendly living. The residents will be able to experience first-rate living thanks to top-notch amenities and facilities.

Residential development, now under construction is hailed as a game-changing addition to Kashmir’s real estate market. Kashmir Modern City offers amazing facilities for the residents. Modern City, located in Jatlan, is proven to be a positive step in the development of the city. Construction activities are in full swing at the project site, and the infrastructure will be finished in 2023, all while adhering to the necessary development and safety criteria.

For an eco-friendly lifestyle and at the most affordable pricing, residential plots in Kashmir Modern City are offered in sizes of 3.5, 5, 7, 10 marlas, and 1 Kanal. Also available in Kashmir Modern City are commercial plots measuring 2 and 4 marlas. Residential plots in Kashmir Modern City may be reserved for as little as Rs. 125,000 with a very reasonable monthly installment of Rs. 17,000.

You are making a sensible decision if you already plan to invest in Kashmir Modern City. The project is under construction, and rapid development and is being prepared to provide its residents with a peaceful, eco-friendly lifestyle while also guaranteeing financial returns for investors.