Living near Sialkot international Airport

Sialkot international airport is one of the most crucial decisions of a person’s life is about choosing a place to live. A person ideally wants his or her home to be peaceful, secure, and nearest to all kinds of basic living necessities. When it comes to buying a house, people now are, however, left with very limited choices according to their budget and requirements, especially in the major cities due to the constantly increasing prices of real estate. Due to this very important factor, people are now looking for options in the suburban areas of the major cities to buy land where properties are more affordable than those in the urban areas of the cities. The Suburban areas of the Major cities also contain International airports. The International; airports are now being surrounded by residential developments rapidly. The reason for this is the interest of people who are looking for properties in a reasonable budget.  Sialkot international airport is also getting a lot of attention from property buyers. And a lot of housing schemes are also being developed rapidly.

 Sialkot international Airport

 Sialkot (Sialkot international airport ) is Pakistan’s main industrial city in the sports sector and has become one of the major hubs for foreign investors and traders visiting the country. With the increasing interest of business sector traders and visitors, both local and international, the need for an airport was a must for facilitating the people coming to and from the city. Looking into this, a plan was proposed to construct a new airport, and the location chosen was near Sialkot-Wazirabad Road and M1 Motorway.

 Location of Al Marjaan Housing Sialkot

Firstly Sialkot international airport, Sialkot one of the major cities in Pakistan is known for Three Important things. International ties with the trade industry and tourism sector, Sports Industry, and Pakistan’s first privately owned largest airport, which is currently facilitating both domestic and international flights and passengers. Located around 14 km west of Airport Road in Sialkot, the airport is closely connected to three main routes of the city. Sialkot-Wazirabad Road, Daska Road, and Sialkot-Lahore (M1) Motorway.  Further analyzing the location of Sialkot International Airport, we find that it is situated near many popular residential areas and schemes, such as the ones on Wazirabad Road and Kashmir Road. The airport also has some notable links with major bus stops of the city and the Sambrial Railway Station.

The location of the Airport clearly defines that it is playing a vital role in redefining the communication and transportation network in its nearby localities and hence also enhancing the living standards of people. So, if you are considering buying a property near Sialkot International airport or investing, now is the best option. One of the most emerging and Eco-friendly societies to invest in is the Al-Marjaan Housing scheme in Sialkot.

Al Marjaan Housing Sialkot (housing project in sialkot)

Al Marjaan Housing located near Sialkot International airport is a fabulous and well-planned project designed with modern and Eco-friendly amenities for luxurious and affordable living. It will fulfill the residential and business needs for people coming from abroad. The master plan seeks to provide new communities and high-quality links in a coordinated way.

Al Marjaan Housing project in Sialkot presents you with the most iconic and unique housing scheme in Sialkot offering a modern and comfortable lifestyle. Al-Marjaan Housing is adjacent to many posh housing projects located in the vicinity and easily accessible. The construction of the Sialkot motorway and Shahbaz Bridge has further increased the value of the investment. Al Marjaan Housing Scheme Sialkot is being developed by well-established town planners and construction companies Sky Blue Builders and marketed by With clearance from all government authorities and booking starting from almost Rs. 100,000/- and monthly installments starting from Rs. 12,000/- only. Al Marjaan Al Marjaan Housing Project Sialkot is currently the best option in town.