The urban growth rate in Pakistan has been steep in the past couple of decades. The steady increase in the number of million-plus urban areas bears witness to this fact. The number of cities with a population of 1 million or more went up from 25 to 35 between 2001 to 2011. During the same time, the number of towns & housing societies with a population of 30,000 or more rose to double or more than double.

In the same scenario faced by the Capital City of Pakistan, Islamabad, the urban growth rate in Islamabad has been steep in the past decade. Islamabad is adapting to technology in ways that bridge the promise of the future with the unique residential & commercial projects are built in the city to meet the demands of the urban population but still, there is a huge demand for new urban housing projects in Islamabad to meet the needs of increasing population in the capital city.

Such rapid urbanization of Islamabad has put tremendous pressure on existing city services such as water, sanitation, sewage, schools, health, and transportation. To accelerate the response to this growing urbanization challenge, many private Real Estate Development companies, Real Estate Investors and Real Estate Project Marketing companies have taken the firm initiative to develop smart city housing projects that provide essential infrastructure, a decent standard of living for its citizens, also a clean and sustainable environment through the application of smart solutions in smart city projects.

Dream Valley Smart City Initiative

Dream Valley Smart City is the Largest Smart City Housing Project on an ideal location of 22 KM from Express Way, just a 15-minute drive from Zero Point brought to you by its Media & Marketing partner

Dream Valley Smart city Islamabad is developing with revolutionary smart features by offering residents exceptional facilities for modern & unique space of living. A true smart living offering the public the most lavish lifestyle at affordable rates.

Just 22 Kilometers from Expressway in Capital Smart City Islamabad, Dream Valley Smart City integrates an array of smart solutions to support well service and inclusive communities. Expressway offers easy access to the fastest-growing & expanding areas of Islamabad. Dream Valley Smart City features a wide area of green space, intelligently planned wide streets, and cycle paths running throughout the development. Due to its innovative approach Dream Valley Smart City project has already gained substantial coverage in digital & electronic media.

Modern high-rise living and integration of green building concept is also part of its smart features. Roads of the Smart City are designed on-grid system, a large variety of ornamental landscapes and recreational facilities are under the development plan. A Solar Energy plant is also installed and comprehensive sold waste management systems are implemented. Dream Valley Design feature that makes Dream Valley Smart City project looks like heaven in Islamabad is its development on natural contours that make it more natural with maximized open spaces of green areas. Smart City Islamabad project is NOC Approved and a large community is showing interest in buying plots in this splendid project.

First Affordable Smart City Project in Islamabad

Residential Plots of 5, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal and Farm Houses plots of 2 and 4 Kanal are available for sale at the most affordable prices making Dream Valley Smart City’s the first affordable Smart City Project in Islamabad.

Start living a lavish & affordable life in beautiful Project Dream Valley Smart City.