Dream Valley Islamabad a reputed NOC-approved housing project located on an ideal location of Expressway Murree is developing a true smart living and emerged as Dream Valley Smart City Islamabad, the first affordable smart city housing project in the capital city.

Why a True Smart Living
Smart Cities are developed to adequately respond to the quotidian problems faced by the people living in several housing societies by providing the best possible services, the greatest number of opportunities, and the best urban solutions possible through the use of advanced technology.

Dream Valley Islamabad is developing a true smart living by integrating smart solutions & smart facilities and has now emerged as Dream Valley Smart City.
Dream Valley Islamabad is the only housing project that has turned Islamabad into the world capital city which has the most intelligent & affordable Smart City Project with a True smart living concept.

Dream Valley Islamabad is equipped with all urban facilities and smart solutions for its residents, the focus of this smart city is to provide a true smart living and this focus guarantees the quality of life and urban development, with the objective of continuing to one of the most intelligent smart city on the earth.

A true smart living is characterized as multiple houses, multistory buildings networked together placed on land and naturally built and furnished in a natural eco-friendly green environment with wide green spaces.

 Most trending & necessary features of Dream Valley Smart City Islamabad are its own solar energy plant, smart linked road networks to make easy commutes well maintained clean & pure water distribution system, variety of ornamental landscapes, entertaining recreational facilities, modern high-rise living.

Dream Valley Capital Smart City Islamabad is designed on natural contours to keep it more natural and healthy living for residents, roads infrastructure is designed on-grid system. The comprehensive solid waste management system is integrated, with this well-managed system of rainwater, conservation is also installed.

 The Green the building concept is also first time introduced and integrated with Dream Valley Smart City. Wide-open spaces with green areas and a well-managed cycling-friendly paths are designed throughout the smart city. Dream Valley Smart City aforementioned smart solutions with 24 x 7 maintenance and the fully serviced smart city provides a true smart living for its residents.

The intelligent equipment installed & integrated for waste management, water management, electricity management, and several other systems for residents monitoring, security, and maintenance meant to provide comfort, security, support, and luxury to residents improves the quality of life and time efficiency in everyday life.

Dream Valley Smart City Islamabad located on an ideal location of Expressway in a naturally beautiful green environment not only ideal for making your dream house but also best for investment as much other housing and commercial real estate projects are under construction on the same location. Massive level real estate development work in under progress on Expressway Islamabad. The expressway is the main route of tourists from across Pakistan & from abroad who come to visit hilly areas, Expressway is also used by tourists traveling to world-famous tourist spots Murree & Kashmir, this amazing destination makes Dream Valley Smart City Housing Scheme in Islamabad an ideal project for investment.