Considering investing in hotel rooms? How cool it would be to own a room in a hotel? It sounds great, rather than buying a complete hotel that is somehow quite difficult and risky for an investor or forming a joint venture company to own a partial share of the property that also involves big investment, better is buying a room and becoming one of the owners in hotel property is a great deal.

 Just like renting your own house, or a commercial property you can rent out your furnished rooms in Islamabad. It will be more interesting when the room you own is in a five-star hotel that is operated & managed in the hands of a reputed Hotels Brand Trident Hotels in partnership with

Hotel Investment as per Shariah Compliance
Potential Investor buys one room or rooms in a hotel project and becomes one of the owners among many other individual investors bought rooms in the hotel, without a mess of various partnerships and without the burden of management responsibilities you are one of the owners gaining regular monthly rentals for the lifetime. Isn’t really a great deal? Yes, it is a lucrative investment opportunity and fair deal based on Shariah Compliance as per Islamic Standards.

The individual investor investment amount is really very small as compared to its benefits for entire life that is really a positive reward that encourages every small and medium investor to invest in hotel rooms.

Trending Hotel Investment in Pakistan
In Pakistan, a new trend of Hotel Investment Is started by a reputed Hotels Management Brand Trident Hotels in cooperation with a Pioneer Real Estate Marketing Company & Pakistan’s No#1 Real Estate Marketplace Trident Hotels Projects are launched in various big cities of Pakistan including Islamabad, Lahore, Sialkot, Multan, and Murree following Islamic Shariah Compliance. Trident Hotel Investments became the focus of every Pakistani’s attention living in Pakistan or abroad due to vast experience of project management company handling Profitable hotel investments in past. Current scenario. The presence of the Trident Hotel brand & Daaclay ensures more customer satisfaction that will result in high Returns on investment for investors.

Luxury Hotel Market at Boom
Small & Midscale hotels always get affected by economic downturns and recessions and have to struggle hard for survival but the Luxury hotel market is always at boom and rarely affected by economic downturns and average revenue remains stable throughout the year. This implies that investment in Furnished rooms is more safe & sound than investing in small and midscale hotel projects.

Invest Small
Be one of the owners of a Hotel Project from a small amount starting from PKR. 4 Million by booking a room, means you can secure a small investment amount in a Luxury hotel project with regular rentals makes it a solid risk-free investment for your future. A range of rooms with high-quality features and various prices are available for potential investors.

Selling your Room Opportunity
As long as your investment is over a certain period of time, you have the opportunity to sell your room at a profit on top of the returns you would have already paid during the period when you own the room.

Increase in Overseas Paklstanis’ Investment

Hotel Investment Projects remained quite successful in GCC Countries in past, and it is now introduced in Pakistan for the first time by Trident Hotels on the same business model of Shariah Compliance as in GCC Countries. With speedy development work and the presence of a strong management team behind, Trident Hotel Islamabad and Trident Hotels Murree now became a center of investment by Overseas Pakistanis.