While you are sitting back in a comfy chair taking morning tea, motivated to grow your finances and thinking of ways to generate secure income. Multiple options might be hitting your head but there is one best option that generations over generations have applied and remained fortunate. And that option is to invest in property. Going further, endless options are available for investment in real estate from a home mortgage to building a property empire spanning the country. Although the latter option is out of reach for most of us, still you have got several opportunities to invest in property.

Lahore, in this regard, is one of the most advanced and fast-developing metropolis. A number of the best property investment options in Lahore are available. However, a thorough knowledge of the real estate market and trends in property is required to earn from property investment because you must know from where to dig excellent profits. The property market in Lahore is far better than other cities in Pakistan due to its vibrant culture, infrastructure, savory cuisine, and exclusive housing projects. Thus, lucrative for the investors to invest in property in Lahore.

The fast development of various residential and commercial projects in Lahore city gives several investment options. Each project with its own specific features and strategic importance. Residential developments usually include commercial hubs for the business sector. Not only in the city, but housing societies are also flourishing rapidly in the surroundings of Lahore city. Offering lavish and standard living to the growing population of Lahore on reasonable and flexible installment plans.

There are many investment Solutions in Lahore such as rapidly growing housing schemes, where plots are available at reasonable rates. If you are an investor or looking to secure your hard-earned money through property investment, the following is the list of top housing societies that are hotcakes for investors and home buyers.

List of Top Property Investments in Lahore

DHA, Lahore

Defense Housing Authority (DHA), is a real estate development company in Lahore and it administers the residential and municipal services for the Defense region in Pakistan. DHA started its operations in twin cities in Pakistan and now it is found in several cities throughout the country.

DHA is Pakistan’s first gated community and is widely known for its top-class infrastructure, wide carpeted roads, lavish shopping centers, and homes designed according to the modern age. Depending on the variation in the size of plots and houses, DHA is divided into sectors and phases. It is an ideal location to live in due to its security, peaceful neighborhood, and state-of-the-art infrastructure. Featuring this housing society are the beautiful architecture, rental yields, and thoroughly planned environment. DHA is one of the most luxurious places in Lahore.

Besides being a great place to live, DHA is extremely lucrative for investors. Whoever is looking for long-term investment in real estate to secure hard-earned cash, must consider DHA, Lahore.

Bahria Town Lahore

Bahria town has been the best housing society for investment for new as well as seasoned investors. Bahria town is ranked high among the top posh areas in Pakistan. Due to its out-class and finely planned infrastructure, it is the most desired place to live. Multiple amenities and facilities make it one of the best-known housing societies in Pakistan.

Elite living style, beautiful buildings, and several facilities make it an attraction for people. A plus point is its prime location on canal road Lahore. Bahria town offers a variety of real estate projects which include farmhouses, villas, bungalows, apartments, and commercial properties without compromising on the convenience and living standard it offers to its residents.

Inculcating all basic and advanced facilities, investment in Bahria town is a great option for investors to secure their future.

Gulberg Lahore

Gulberg, also known as tehsil, is one of the ten municipalities of Lahore city district. It is the epitome of luxury, tranquility, and convenience. It has an ideal location in Lahore city surrounding which are Railway Colony, Bibi Pak Daman, Zaman Park, Daras Barey Mian, Garhi Shahu, Naseerabad, Al Hamra, Faisal Town, Liaqatabad, Garden Town, and Model Town.

Its elegant and renowned shopping center and liberty market make it one of the best places for business in Lahore. The shopping centers in Gulberg make it a commercial hub where you can find anything from shoes, clothes, and jewelry to gadgets and showrooms of furniture and cars.  Apart from commercial properties, Gulberg is ideal for residence. Investors are advised to invest in Gulberg for lucrative returns and profits.

Al-Bari Housing Lahore

Al-Bari is one of the luxurious and tranquil living options in Lahore. Its prime location near the ring road, and close proximity to Metro Bus, Airport, kalma Chowk, and Motorway M-2, make it one of the best options for the business class community. Al-Bari housing Lahore stands out due to its world-class infrastructure, wide roads, and well-planned society. Botanical gardens and organic dairy farms are the competitive edges for its residents to live and eat healthily.

It is one of the gated communities with lavish homes, underground electricity, a solar power plant, an outdoor gym, a luxury community club, and several other facilities for its residents. The commercial center is built strategically for the business sector. If you want to invest in property or book a plot in Al-Bari Housing Lahore, you must contact daaclay.com.

Model Town Lahore

One of the oldest residential areas of Lahore is Model town. It is administered by the Lahore Development Authority (LDA). Model Town Lahore is known for its lush green parks, wide roads, and well-planned community. Besides residential areas, it also offers commercial properties for the business sector, especially alongside the link road. This area is best if you are looking for houses for rent or plots for sale at affordable prices.

Johar Town Lahore

In the current real estate market, Johar town is a highly demanded area in Lahore. This area was named after a famous leader of the Pakistan movement, Muhammad Ali Johar. This area has an extensive portfolio of real estate projects. Its features include several amenities and facilities including schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, and shopping centers. Adding to these amenities are Lahore Expo Center and Emporium Mall. Neighboring Johar town is the University of Central Punjab (UCP), University of Management & Technology (UMT), Bahria University, Lahore Grammar School (LGS), and Bloomfield Hall School. Many famous hospitals located in Johar town are Doctors Hospital, Latif Hospital, and Horizon Hospital.

Johar town is the main attraction for investors as property in this area sells like hotcakes. If you are looking for options to invest in property then Johar Town is an excellent option for real estate investment in Lahore.

Garden Town Lahore

Situated near Ferozpur road, Garden town is one of the bustling areas of Lahore. Its prime location adds to its popularity as it is linked to canal road, Ferozpur road, and Usmania Road. If you want to live in the central city, you must consider Garden Town as the best option.

Garden town is divided into 12 blocks and most of its residents belong to the upper-middle class. Several renowned educational institutes and health care centers including Dar-e-Arqam Girls High School Government F.D Model High School, Hameed Latif Hospital, Zainab Memorial, and Lahore Medical City Hospital.

So, the above are the top investment options in Lahore. Being a commercial hub, real estate investment in Lahore is highly recommended and the best option to incur your money. The above-discussed areas are among the best option for the people who are looking the ideas for investment in Pakistan.