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Importance of Bhimber Road (kashmir Modern City)

Kashmir modern city

Importance of Bhimber Road cannot be denied when talking about Azad Kashmir & Mirpur. Bhimber is situated on the border between Azad Kashmir and Pakistan at a distance of about 50 km from Mirpur, about 48 kms from Gujrat, about 37 kms from Jhelum and about 166 kms from Islamabad. Importance of Bhimber Road can be defined as a route that was frequently used by Mughal emperors, making their way towards Kashmir valley, which is mostly why the district is rich in archaeological heritage.

Bhimber Road has now become easily accessible to the people of Kashmir, Mirpur and even Punjab who can now start to live in the beautiful valley of kashmir in an upcoming first mega & Well-Planned project of Kashmir “Kashmir Modern City

Importance of Bhimber Road can also be categorized in the tourism sector. Bhimber Road has helped in playing a key role in boosting the economy of the country by becoming an easy access for people to travel to Kashmir. The government has also paid attention towards construction of quality roads for the convenience of travelers. Bhimber road has breathtakingly beautiful valleys, waterfalls, rivulets and heritage sites to offer to travelers.

Best Housing Scheme in Kashmir

Kashmir Modern City is envisioned as Kashmir’s first Well Planned and Best Housing Scheme in Kashmir with a gated community, Kashmir Modern City is a successful Project by Al-Bari Developers (Pvt) Ltd. and brought to you by daaclay.com

Kashmir Modern City is a rapidly developing housing project in Kashmir. Following all the mandatory development and safety standards, construction activities at the project’s site are in full swing and the infrastructure of the project will be completed in 2022.

Kashmir modern city location

Kashmir Modern City is Located on Bhimber Road in Jatlan, Kashmir and is proving to be a step towards positive change in the city. The features of Kashmir Moder City at unmatchable prices is remarkable. Making an availability of Residential Plots in Mirpur Azad Kashmir is going to be a great addition to Kashmir’s real estate sector.

Residential plots of 3.5, 5, 7, 10 marla & 1 kanal residential plots in Kashmir Modern City are available for an Eco-Friendly living and that too at the most reasonable prices possible. 2 & 4 Marla Commercial Plots in Kashmir Modern City are also available. Booking for residential plots in Kashmir Modern City starts at only Rs. 125,000/- only with a very affordable monthly installment of Rs. 17000/-.

So if you are looking for a jammu & kashmir housing society plots for sale or for a smart investment Kashmir Modern City is the right choice as it is bound to experience a significant jump in its real estate appreciation as the development progresses, guaranteeing high returns to investors within the next one to two years.

Project Details:https://www.daaclay.com/kashmir-modern-city

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2021 Nov 03
Best Housing Scheme in Sialkot - What's new?
Real estate Trends

Best Housing Scheme in Sialkot

The Sialkot residential areas & Housing Scheme in Sialkot real estate market however has failed to gain development as the rest of the country gained in the last two decades. The city has given a major industrial output. The local realtor feels that the growth lapse may be due to the interest of people to stay closer to the city.

Sialkot, known for its manufacturing and export of various items that include surgical & musical instruments, sports, leather & textile goods etc. Sialkot is the second largest source of foreign exchange earnings for Pakistan because of its exports' and remittances from overseas manpower.

According to the locals the market growth is slow for a while. The reason behind this slow growth is due to heavy import duties, taxes and transfer fees that have been imposed in the past years. All these factors have led to transferring becoming more expensive. Al Marjaan Housing Scheme Sialkot has been on the top and there is a great difference between its popularity and area.

Al-Marjaan Housing Scheme Sialkot:

The locals have observed that society is performing very well. According to their perception, Al-Marjaan Housing, Sialkot is one of the best growing housing scheme in Sialkot and that generates an opportunity for the renewed interest of investors in the society. Al-Marjaan Housing, Sialkot Offers 5, 7, 10 Marla and also 1 & 2 Kanal residential Plots in Sialkot. The booking starts from as low as Rs. 100,000/- only with monthly installments starting from as low as Rs. 12,000/-only.

Al-Marjaan Housing Scheme Sialkot is located on a walking distance from Sialkot International Airport and is a fabulous and well planned project offering plots on installments in Sialkot and designed with modern amenities for luxurious and affordable living. Al-Marjaan Housing, Sialkot will fulfill residential and business needs for people coming from abroad and the locals as well. Al Marjaan Housing, Sialkot is a master plan that seeks to provide new communities and high quality links in a coordinated way among other Sialkot Residential Areas. The construction of Lahore-Kharian Motorway, Shahbaz Bridge & Sialkot International Airport has further increased the value of investment in Al-Marjaan Housing, Sialkot. Al-Marjaan Housing, Sialkot is being developed by well-established town planner and construction company Sky Blue Builders and marketed by Daaclay.com.

al marjaan housing sialkot

If we talk about development, Al-Marjaan City Housing Scheme in Sialkot, Sialkot is being Developed Rapidly and people have been given permission to construct houses in the Executive block of Al-Marjaan Housing, Sialkot. Al-Marjaan Housing, Sialkot offers a wide range of amenities such as hospitals, parks, mart, banks, and schools.

Al-Marjaan Housing, Sialkot is a well-developed housing society with lucrative facilities in the whole of Residential areas in Sialkot.


For more details :  Al-Marjaan-Housing

Youtube : Al Marjaan Housing Sialkot Videos

2021 Oct 26
Kashmir Modern City - Best Residence in Kashmir
Kashmir modern city

Kashmir Modern City is envisioned as Kashmir’s first Well Planned Housing Scheme with a gated community, Kashmir Modern City is a successful Project by Al-Bari Developers (Pvt) Ltd. and brought to you by daaclay.com

The under-construction residential development is being widely regarded as a groundbreaking addition to Kashmir’s real estate sector, and for good reason. The features of Kashmir Modern City at unmatchable prices is remarkable. Kashmir Modern City is Located in Jatlan, Kashmir and is proving to be a step towards positive change in the city.

So, if you are also planning to invest in Kashmir Modern City, you’re making the right choice. The project is under development and is all set to offer its residents an ECO Friendly & Peaceful living experience as well as ensuring profitable returns to investors.

Kashmir Modern City

Directly connected with the Proposed CPEC Route, Kashmir Modern City is probably the most Ideally Located and only suburban residential scheme that is currently being developed in Kashmir. The project is conveniently accessible from many major neighborhood and facilities in the city,

Planned as a fully-facilitated gated community, Residential plots in Kashmir has been equipped with all the pleasures of a modern suburban & ECO Friendly lifestyle. The residents of the project will be able to enjoy a first-rate living experience based on the best-in-class facilities and amenities.

24/7 water supply, secure gated community with CCTV cameras, ample public Parks and recreation spots, neat, clean and well-maintained environment, proper drainage system, well-equipped health and fitness facilities; everything you can expect from an ideal neighborhood is available at Kashmir Modern City.

When it comes to the investment options in Kashmir Modern City, things get even more interesting. Residential Plots of 3.5, 5, 7, 10 Marla & 1 Kanal Residential Plots are available along with 2 & 4 Marla Commercial Plots and that too at the most reasonable prices possible.

Kashmir Modern City is among the most rapidly developing housing projects in Kashmir. Observing all the mandatory development and safety standards, construction activities at the project’s site are in full swing and the infrastructure of the project will be completed in 2022.

Investing in Kashmir Modern City entails many perks. First of all, it is the First & only project in the city which is Well-Planned and is ideal for living arrangements at affordable prices that too with highly attractive payment plans.

Kashmir Modern City

Secondly, according to local experts, Kashmir Modern City is bound to experience a significant jump in its real estate appreciation as the development progresses, guaranteeing high returns to investors within the next One to two years.

Project Details: https://daaclay.com/kashmir-modern-city

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2021 Sep 30
Walking Distance to Sialkot International Airport
Real estate Trends

Living near Sialkot international Airport

Sialkot international airport one of the most Crucial decisions of a person’s life is about choosing a place to live. A person ideally wants his or her home to be peaceful, secure and nearest to all kinds of basic living necessities. When it comes to buying a house, people now are, however, left with very limited choices according to their budget and requirements, especially in the major cities due to constantly increasing prices of real estate. Due to this very important factor, people are now looking for options in the suburban areas of the major cities to buy land where properties are more affordable than those in the urban areas of the cities. The Suburban areas of the Major cities also contain International airports. The International; airports are now being surrounded by residential developments rapidly. The reason for this is the interest of people who are looking for properties in a reasonable budget.  Sialkot international airport is also getting a lot of attention from property buyers. And a lot of housing schemes are also being developed rapidly.

 Sialkot international Airport

 Sialkot (sialkot international airport ) is Pakistan’s main industrial city in the sports sector and has become one of the major hubs for foreign investors and traders visiting the country. The increasing interest of business sector traders and visitors, both local and international, a need for an airport was a must for facilitating the people coming to and from the city. Looking into this, a plan was proposed to construct a new airport, and the location chosen was near Sialkot-Wazirabad Road and M1 Motorway. 

Sialkot international airport (almarjaanhousing)

 Location of Al Marjaan Housing Sialkot

Firstly sialkot international airport , Sialkot one of the major cities of Pakistan is known for Three Important things. International ties with trade industry and tourism sector, Sports Industry and Pakistan’s first privately owned largest airport, which is currently facilitating both domestic and international flights and passengers. Located around 14 km west of Airport Road in Sialkot, the airport is closely connected to three main routes of the city. Sialkot-Wazirabad Road, Daska Road, and Sialkot-Lahore (M1) Motorway.  Further analyzing the location of Sialkot International Airport, we find that it is situated near many popular residential areas and schemes, such as the ones on Wazirabad Road and Kashmir Road. The airport also has some notable links with major bus stops of the city and the Sambrial Railway Station.

The location of the Airport clearly defines that it is playing a vital role in redefining the communication and transportation network in its nearby localities and hence also enhancing the living standards of people. So, if you are considering buying a property near Sialkot International airport or investing, now is the best option. One of the most emerging and Eco-friendly societies to invest in is  Al-Marjaan Housing scheme in Sialkot.

Al Marjaan Housing Sialkot (housing project in sialkot)

Al Marjaan Housing located near Sialkot International airport is a fabulous and well-planned project designed with modern and Eco-friendly amenities for luxurious and affordable living. It will fulfill residential and business needs for people coming from abroad. The master plan seeks to provide new communities and high-quality links in a coordinated way.

sialkot international airport (almarjaanhousigsialkot)

Al Marjaan Housing project in Sialkot presents you with the most iconic and unique housing scheme in Sialkot offering a modern and comfortable lifestyle. Al-Marjaan Housing is adjacent to many posh housing projects located in the vicinity and easily accessible. The construction of the Sialkot motorway and Shahbaz Bridge has further increased the value of investment. Al Marjaan Housing Scheme Sialkot is being developed by well-established town planners and construction companies Sky Blue Builders and marketed by Daaclay.com. With clearance from all government authorities and booking starting from almost Rs. 100,000/- and monthly installments starting from Rs. 12,000/- only. Al Marjaan Al Marjaan Housing Project Sialkot is currently the best option in town.



2021 Sep 30
Lahore Grand Bazaar - Lahore’s Largest Bazaar
Lahore Grand Bazaar

Lahore City

The origin of Lahore can be traced back somewhere between 1st and 7th centuries A.D. The people of Lahore, when they want to emphasize the uniqueness of their town say "Lahore is Lahore". The traditional capital of Punjab for a thousand years, it had been the cultural center of Northern India extending from Peshawar to New Delhi. This preeminent position it holds in Pakistan as well. Lahore is the city of poets, artists and the center of the film industry. It has the largest number of educational institutions in the country and some of the finest gardens in the continent. Lahore offers a great deal more than just monuments. A variety of art galleries, museums, theatres, and shopping arcades are as much a part of the culture and activities that go on in Lahore at a breathtaking pace. Cool tree lined avenues, lush green lawns, the serene drive down the canal, the parts, the fountains and the modern high se buildings, add to the character and charm of the city.

 All you need to Know- Lahore Grand Bazaar

Lahore Grand Bazaar is the largest dedicated wholesale and retail destination, located on main GT road in the hub of top educational institutions and housing societies. Grand Bazaar Lahore is the jewel of the new upcoming Bazaar comprising 300 Kanals with an unparalleled lifestyle. Phase 1 of this prestigious project consists of 36 Kanals of land. Designed by legendary architect Nayyar Ali Dada,

 Location of Lahore Grand Bazaar

Lahore Grand Bazaar is located on main GT road in the hub of top educational institutions and housing societies, barely 2.6 KM to Golden Interchange Kala Shah Kaku, Motorway and Southern bypass/ring road, Lahore Grand Bazar is within the reach of businessmen community whether Whosale Market in Lahore or whole sellers from other cities.

 Offerings (Lahore grand Bazaar)

Lahore Grand Bazaar comprises six blocks with a spacious roads network and is well ventilated yet connected with each block making it totally business-friendly. LGB is a project that is an intelligent blend of retail, wholesale, and business offices yet convenient and planned on the concept of a Chinese logistic and export city. Being spaciously built on Main G T Road has its own internal wide project roads making every unit on the front and easily accessible. Lahore grand bazaar Main Block of this unique business-friendly project has a huge open to sky courtyard right in the middle of the building, making it eco-friendly and airy.

 Lahore Grand Bazaar is ideal for

     Wholesale Market

     Factory Outlets

     Display Centres

     Trading Offices



Potential in Lahore Grand Bazaar

 Lahore Grand Bazaar promises high returns on investment. This project is fast reaching completion as the development activities are in full swing. It will be available for possession as per the committed time.The land is 100% Owned and all kinds of NOCs are cleared with government authorities, and is being exclusively marketed by Daaclay.com which is a testament that this project will bring in high returns on investment. With all of these factors, it comes as no surprise then that this project is going to be the hottest property option to watch out for, especially in terms of investment. So if you’re looking to investment in Lahore, this is the best project for you.

You can purchase your property with a 10% down payment and pay the rest during the next three years in monthly instalments. If you want to know more about this project, visit the website www.daaclay.com or contact on 0341-111 4333, 0341-111 4777

Project Details: https://daaclay.com/lahore-grand-bazaar

YouTube:  https://youtu.be/dwmWmXFkdWA

Buy property in pakistan : top-areas-to-buy-property-in-pakistan


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Top Areas to Buy Property in Pakistan
Real estate Trends


5 Best Housing Schemes for Investment in Pakistan

There are different biggest and finest cities in Pakistan like Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, and other cities. You can see the culture of Pakistan from festivals, architecture, art, and cuisines. These societies show success, brilliance, and reliability. People love to live in these societies. It is the dream of every person to live and spend life in these housing societies with their families. All residential and commercial plots are available at an affordable price. It includes Al-Marjaan Housing scheme Sialkot, Silver City Housing Scheme Islamabad, Dream Valley smart city Islamabad, Saremco Garden, Shahkot, and Kashmir Modern City. If you want to buy a property in Pakistan and which is the best place for commercial and housing projects in all major cities of Pakistan. 

In this blog post, you will be able to get all relevant information related to housing societies that provide the best lucrative opportunity for investment. Let’s discuss them. This housing society will provide you 100% foolproof security system which is the main problem in our society.


Al-Marjaan Housing scheme Sialkot

Sialkot is also the most popular city of Punjab which is a centralized region of Pakistan. It is the very oldest city – a time it was the main center for trade. Economist has sprit to produce a business climate and it has largest manufacturing units. Now developers have completed their modern and complete housing projects as per International standards. Al-Marjaan is the most luxurious and modern housing society. Al-Marjaan housing Scheme in Sialkot is offering different residential and commercial plots in society. This shows a green and perfect lifestyle. It shows a comfortable and easy lifestyle for you. Developers worked hard with excellence and opened a door to or healthy, and happy life because it has iconic blocks, parks, and a big network of roads. This society has a grand mosque, banks, hotels, cinema, and, many other things. With the construction of Shahbaz Bridge, you will see the value of this project. This project is by a well-known construction company – Sky blue builders and also marketed by Daaclay.com.


Dream Valley smart city Islamabad

The residential housing project of Dream Valley is started and introduced a perfect standard scheme that shows quality. Different sizes of plots are available like 5 marla, 1-Kanal, residential Plots, and commercial plots along with constructed homes. This is an affordable and economical housing property and you can get an instant installment. It has all features, beautiful parks, security and a wide network. This society is famous in all classes. You can reach all main destinations within 20 to 25 minutes. Dream Valley smart city Islamabad has a good electricity system and it is consistent as compared to other societies. You will feel this change.


Silver City Housing Scheme Islamabad

Silver city housing scheme is the top housing scheme in Islamabad. This housing society is full of luxurious lifestyles. Brand new housing projects are also developed by neighbors. This society has developed a new infrastructure of residential and commercial projects like holiday centers. The silver city has all basic needs. You can get a perfect society with some easy installments. Developers of the silver city have introduced a lavish and pleasant life. Silver city has got popularity due to special roads and malls in the city. You can get your dream house in the capital of Pakistan. Plots are available in Marlas, Kanal, and bungalows. Your families can survive in this city as a resident with all basic facilities. You have to submit all important documents like online Installment, application status, and verification certificate. 


Saremco Garden, Shahkot

Saremco Garden Shahkot will provide you luxurious life at an affordable price with full security. You need to plan if you want to buy in Shahkot. Now we aim to develop and build a new housing society according to the needs of society, neighborhood and culture. Pakistan never compromises on quality. This society will provide you everything like luxury, comfort, and safety. This is the hub of educational and training institutes. It is loved by everyone. You will face good experience so it is a modern, complete and proper security system. Saremco garden promotes a healthy housing environment for the world. You can fulfill your goals and achieve targets. Its innovative residential and commercial lifestyle will improve your life and business. A developed phase is available for common users.


Kashmir Modern City

Kashmir Modern city is launched by Saremco Group and you will see any housing society first time in Kashmir. It is rich green and easily accessible to everyone. Tourists and overseas if want to buy property in Kashmir then Kashmir Modern City Jatlan is for them. This housing society is planned for all community and provide basic needs. Most advanced facilities are planned in this housing project. If you want durable and beautiful homes, then contact Kashmir modern city by Sparco Construction Company. It is an honor for us to develop the first housing project. We earned the name due to the quality of work. 


For more details...



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Promising Real Estate Projects in Pakistan with High returns on Investment?
Real estate Trends

Promising Real Estate Projects in Pakistan with High returns on investment when you go to the pizza shop to pick up a pepperoni pizza with extra cheese, you have one choice: to pay for it with my hard-earned money. I suppose you have other choices, but you’d rather avoid the orange jumpsuit and forced community service involved in a theft.

However, the rules for Real Estate Projects in Pakistan investing are actually not as hard and demanding as those for buying pizza or other consumer goods, so you’ll have many more options. Better yet, those options are not only legal, but they are also a lot of fun to learn and apply.

One of the fantastic aspects of real estate investment in Pakistan is the ability to trade cash for creativity. You can’t easily do this with stocks, mutual funds, gold, or most other kinds of investments. If you wanted to buy gold but had only $1,000 to spend, you would probably buy just $1,000 worth. If the price of gold then doubled over the next decade, you would make only another $1,000 in that ten-year time frame. If it doubled again the following decade, you would then have $4,000 in your portfolio.

With Real Estate investment you can leverage your knowledge and time to make huge money from little money. If you have the motivation, determination, and interest to invest in real estate you can make an amazing financial future for yourself.

Pakistan’s Real Estate Market is booming and there are various lucrative investment projects emerging in the Pakistan Real Estate market.

One of the most creative & high return investments in the Hotels industry of Pakistan, buy a deluxe room or executive room in reputed three-star hotels in Pakistan and gain a high return on the invested amount in the shortest period of time. Hotel property prices increase on record rates with regular monthly rental returns. The second best investment is in Smart City Housing Projects in Pakistan, there are many famous and best Smart City housing projects in Pakistan top of these is Dream Valley Smart City Project located in Capital City Islamabad on Expressway. Dream Valley Smart City is the most affordable Smart City Housing Project in Pakistan, generating major overseas investment in Islamabad. Dream Valley Smart City Project is not only well designed with Smart Solutions & Facilities but its price also kept economical comparative to housing projects in its surroundings.

Another lucrative & high rental return investment is in wholesale markets or commercial markets. The wholesale commercial market is a highly secured property, good to have in a real estate investor’s portfolio. In Pakistan more investors are now showing their interest to invest in wholesale markets in locations far from cities rush & traffic, one of the best Wholesale Bazaar projects is soft-launching in the historical city of Lahore on Main G.T Road Kala Shah Kaku under the name of Grand Bazaar. Lahore Grand Bazaar is an ideal investment for small, medium, and large investors, project is promising high returns to its partners & potential investors.

Let’s not forget solid investment in residential complexes & apartment buildings in posh areas of Lahore. Dior Residencia is an upcoming smart residential complex in Lahore on Canal Road, a project to be launched by a professional team of developers, engineers & marketers is considered to be a landmark in the Residential Complexes of Lahore.

Are you now ready to do your creative real estate investment?



2021 Jun 30
Dream Valley Islamabad Developing a True Smart Living
Real estate Trends

Dream Valley Islamabad a reputed NOC-approved housing project located on an ideal location of Expressway Murree is developing a true smart living and emerged as Dream Valley Smart City Islamabad, the first affordable smart city housing project in the capital city.

Why a True Smart Living
Smart Cities are developed to adequately respond to the quotidian problems faced by the people living in several housing societies by providing the best possible services, the greatest number of opportunities, and the best urban solutions possible through the use of advanced technology.

Dream Valley Islamabad is developing a true smart living by integrating smart solutions & smart facilities and has now emerged as Dream Valley Smart City.
Dream Valley Islamabad is the only housing project that has turned Islamabad into the world capital city which has the most intelligent & affordable Smart City Project with a True smart living concept.

Dream Valley Islamabad is equipped with all urban facilities and smart solutions for its residents, the focus of this smart city is to provide a true smart living and this focus guarantees the quality of life and urban development, with the objective of continuing to one of the most intelligent smart city on the earth.

A true smart living is characterized as multiple houses, multistory buildings networked together placed on land and naturally built and furnished in a natural eco-friendly green environment with wide green spaces.

 Most trending & necessary features of Dream Valley Smart City Islamabad are its own solar energy plant, smart linked road networks to make easy commutes well maintained clean & pure water distribution system, variety of ornamental landscapes, entertaining recreational facilities, modern high-rise living.

dream valley smart city

Dream Valley Capital Smart City Islamabad is designed on natural contours to keep it more natural and healthy living for residents, roads infrastructure is designed on-grid system. The comprehensive solid waste management system is integrated, with this well-managed system of rainwater, conservation is also installed.

 The Green the building concept is also first time introduced and integrated with Dream Valley Smart City. Wide-open spaces with green areas and a well-managed cycling-friendly paths are designed throughout the smart city. Dream Valley Smart City aforementioned smart solutions with 24 x 7 maintenance and the fully serviced smart city provides a true smart living for its residents.

The intelligent equipment installed & integrated for waste management, water management, electricity management, and several other systems for residents monitoring, security, and maintenance meant to provide comfort, security, support, and luxury to residents improves the quality of life and time efficiency in everyday life.

Dream Valley Smart City Islamabad located on an ideal location of Expressway in a naturally beautiful green environment not only ideal for making your dream house but also best for investment as much other housing and commercial real estate projects are under construction on the same location. Massive level real estate development work in under progress on Expressway Islamabad. The expressway is the main route of tourists from across Pakistan & from abroad who come to visit hilly areas, Expressway is also used by tourists traveling to world-famous tourist spots Murree & Kashmir, this amazing destination makes Dream Valley Smart City Housing Scheme in Islamabad an ideal project for investment.




2021 Jun 22
Can you Really Own a luxurious Room in a Hotel?
Investment in Hotel Rooms

Considering investing in hotel rooms? How cool it would be to own a room in a hotel? It sounds great, rather than buying a complete hotel that is somehow quite difficult and risky for an investor or forming a joint venture company to own a partial share of the property that also involves big investment, better is buying a room and becoming one of the owners in hotel property is a great deal.

 Just like renting your own house, or a commercial property you can rent out your furnished rooms in Islamabad. It will be more interesting when the room you own is in a five-star hotel that is operated & managed in the hands of a reputed Hotels Brand Trident Hotels in partnership with Daaclay.com.

Hotel Investment as per Shariah Compliance
Potential Investor buys one room or rooms in a hotel project and becomes one of the owners among many other individual investors bought rooms in the hotel, without a mess of various partnerships and without the burden of management responsibilities you are one of the owners gaining regular monthly rentals for the lifetime. Isn’t really a great deal? Yes, it is a lucrative investment opportunity and fair deal based on Shariah Compliance as per Islamic Standards.

The individual investor investment amount is really very small as compared to its benefits for entire life that is really a positive reward that encourages every small and medium investor to invest in hotel rooms.  

Trident hotel islamabad

Trending Hotel Investment in Pakistan
In Pakistan, a new trend of Hotel Investment Is started by a reputed Hotels Management Brand Trident Hotels in cooperation with a Pioneer Real Estate Marketing Company & Pakistan’s No#1 Real Estate Marketplace Daaclay.com. Trident Hotels Projects are launched in various big cities of Pakistan including Islamabad, Lahore, Sialkot, Multan, and Murree following Islamic Shariah Compliance. Trident Hotel Investments became the focus of every Pakistani’s attention living in Pakistan or abroad due to vast experience of project management company handling Profitable hotel investments in past. Current scenario. The presence of the Trident Hotel brand & Daaclay ensures more customer satisfaction that will result in high Returns on investment for investors.

Luxury Hotel Market at Boom
Small & Midscale hotels always get affected by economic downturns and recessions and have to struggle hard for survival but the Luxury hotel market is always at boom and rarely affected by economic downturns and average revenue remains stable throughout the year. This implies that investment in Furnished rooms is more safe & sound than investing in small and midscale hotel projects.

Invest Small
Be one of the owners of a Hotel Project from a small amount starting from PKR. 4 Million by booking a room, means you can secure a small investment amount in a Luxury hotel project with regular rentals makes it a solid risk-free investment for your future. A range of rooms with high-quality features and various prices are available for potential investors.

Selling your Room Opportunity
As long as your investment is over a certain period of time, you have the opportunity to sell your room at a profit on top of the returns you would have already paid during the period when you own the room.

trident hotel islamabad

Increase in Overseas Paklstanis’ Investment

Hotel Investment Projects remained quite successful in GCC Countries in past, and it is now introduced in Pakistan for the first time by Trident Hotels on the same business model of Shariah Compliance as in GCC Countries. With speedy development work and the presence of a strong management team behind, Trident Hotel Islamabad and Trident Hotels Murree now became a center of investment by Overseas Pakistanis.



2021 Jun 22
Effective Real Estate Project Marketing
Real estate Trends

Real Estate Project Marketing has changed drastically in the last few years, project marketing companies now must analyze not only the service they provide but they analyze the clients also. The Real Estate business is made up of many different aspects, but the main thing you sell to a buyer is a benefit. A buyer will buy property from you with benefits & desirable features. Your Job as a project marketer is to have the buyer buy that property through you. The same applies to real estate project marketing companies. Marketing is the overall concept of offering a Real Estate Project for sale to the general public. Good marketing reaches more people than if nothing is done. However poor marketing reaches no one and is a waste of money. The wide audience who knows a project is available for booking, the better chance that project has of selling for the most money in the fastest time. Best-priced projects are easy to sell compared to overpriced properties.

Marketing Strategy

Mostly Project marketing companies use personal marketing strategies for selling any real estate project that is their overall marketing direction. A personal marketing strategy is an overall direction for selling a project in a reasonable timeframe. Reputed Real Estate Project marketing companies like Daaclay.com include projections that they want to accomplish by marketing in their marketing strategy. These projections are normally written out in detail but contain very little in numbers with finite dates of accomplishment. These projections are also part of the company marketing plan for every Real Estate Project they sell.

Daaclay.com dominates the Real Estate Market in Pakistan. The main reason they are the leader is that they recognized their potential client is actually the middle class & working class of Pakistan when it comes to choosing any affordable housing or commercial project for residential or commercial needs. The more you think about the needs of your client, the better you avail your sales targets for any particular project.

Marketing Plan

While organizing a personal marketing plan, a project marketing company analyzes each step to determine its purpose and to see whether it aligns with the overall marketing strategy. If it does not, then they rework it until it fits with the plan. Including beginning & ending dates with each step, as well as its cost., and including all types of promotion, marketing, and advertising in the marketing plan. Planned project promotional events, direct mail campaigns, TV Commercials, or advertising in the local newspapers, name recognition advertising and prospect general advertising, Outdoor advertising, and Specially planned digital marketing campaigns are part of a Real Estate Project Marketing plan.

Writing Effective Advertising
A real Estate Marketing company has to determine effectively what type of advertising is right for a particular Real Estate project that needs to be part of its marketing strategy. Before preparing ad copy digital or classified, analyze the project, property type, and identity its features and benefits. Decide who your target buyer might be.

In addition to your personal appeal, which is critical to the success of your ad, every advertisement should carry the reader through four selling steps. These steps are Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action, or AIDA, as they are known through the advertising community.

Catching the prospects’ attention with the first view of your project ad is tricky and a catchy headline of that advertisement plays the trick. Interest & desire to buy can be created by listing more important features of the project including location highlights & affordable pricing. If your project has all desirable features prospects will call for booking.

Buyers around the world now buying properties in Real Estate projects promoted & marketed by Reputed Real Estate marketing companies as most of the reputed marketing companies sell trust with the property and Housing Scheme in Islamabad.

Marketing a Real Estate Project involves a complete lifecycle of Project Steering, Planning, Project Designing, Sales, Marketing & Advertising and continuous follow-up on project development for smooth & aggressive sales and a professional marketing company keeps control on all these aspects for the betterment of its potential investors & customers alike.



2021 Jun 15
Increasing Demand of Smart City Housing Projects in Islamabad
Real estate Trends

The urban growth rate in Pakistan has been steep in the past couple of decades. The steady increase in the number of million-plus urban areas bears witness to this fact. The number of cities with a population of 1 million or more went up from 25 to 35 between 2001 to 2011. During the same time, the number of towns & housing societies with a population of 30,000 or more rose to double or more than double.

In the same scenario faced by the Capital City of Pakistan, Islamabad, the urban growth rate in Islamabad has been steep in the past decade. Islamabad is adapting to technology in ways that bridge the promise of the future with the unique residential & commercial projects are built in the city to meet the demands of the urban population but still, there is a huge demand for new urban housing projects in Islamabad to meet the needs of increasing population in the capital city.

Such rapid urbanization of Islamabad has put tremendous pressure on existing city services such as water, sanitation, sewage, schools, health, and transportation. To accelerate the response to this growing urbanization challenge, many private Real Estate Development companies, Real Estate Investors and Real Estate Project Marketing companies have taken the firm initiative to develop smart city housing projects that provide essential infrastructure, a decent standard of living for its citizens, also a clean and sustainable environment through the application of smart solutions in smart city projects.

Dream Valley Smart City Initiative 

Dream Valley Smart City is the Largest Smart City Housing Project on an ideal location of 22 KM from Express Way, just a 15-minute drive from Zero Point brought to you by its Media & Marketing partner Daaclay.com

Dream Valley Smart city Islamabad is developing with revolutionary smart features by offering residents exceptional facilities for modern & unique space of living. A true smart living offering the public the most lavish lifestyle at affordable rates.

Just 22 Kilometers from Expressway in Capital Smart City Islamabad, Dream Valley Smart City integrates an array of smart solutions to support well service and inclusive communities. Expressway offers easy access to the fastest-growing & expanding areas of Islamabad. Dream Valley Smart City features a wide area of green space, intelligently planned wide streets, and cycle paths running throughout the development. Due to its innovative approach Dream Valley Smart City project has already gained substantial coverage in digital & electronic media.

Modern high-rise living and integration of green building concept is also part of its smart features. Roads of the Smart City are designed on-grid system, a large variety of ornamental landscapes and recreational facilities are under the development plan. A Solar Energy plant is also installed and comprehensive sold waste management systems are implemented. Dream Valley Design feature that makes Dream Valley Smart City project looks like heaven in Islamabad is its development on natural contours that make it more natural with maximized open spaces of green areas. Smart City Islamabad project is NOC Approved and a large community is showing interest in buying plots in this splendid project.

First Affordable Smart City Project in Islamabad 

Residential Plots of 5, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal and Farm Houses plots of 2 and 4 Kanal are available for sale at the most affordable prices making Dream Valley Smart City's the first affordable Smart City Project in Islamabad.

Start living a lavish & affordable life in beautiful Project Dream Valley Smart City. 



2021 Jun 14
Real Estate Investment in Pakistan To Boom Due To Overseas Digital Account Approval
Real estate Trends

Across the globe, the real estate market is red hot with no signs of tapering off any time soon. It is an interesting market to navigate as a real estate investor, but with the right team and decision-making, deals and success can be achieved. Up until recently, real estate investment in Pakistan was difficult for overseas investors. This has since changed due to a new governmental decision.

In order to increase the opportunity for overseas Pakistanis investment in real estate, the Government of Pakistan has announced the opening of digital accounts. These digital accounts make the process of investing in real estate easier and more accessible for those overseas.

If you thought the market was hot now, an inevitable boom of buying and selling is on the horizon due to the creation of these digital accounts. Homes will sell quicker and for more money than ever before.


Digital banking gives overseas Pakistanis the ability to invest in residential, commercial, and many other types of real estate investments. Prior to this legislation, overseas investors had to be concerned with making payments while abroad. Getting these physical payments to the appropriate account could compromise security and be an all-around nuisance.

Roshan Digital Accounts (RDA) allow overseas Pakistanis the ability to invest in property in Pakistan. These new accounts are fairly easy to set up with transactions happening on a secure web-based server. Non-Resident Pakistanis can pay bills and transfer funds without having to travel overseas.

This latest system brings a new buyer pool to the Pakistan real estate market. A large group of investors who previously had to deal with hassles and complications in the investment process is now ready and able to start purchasing Pakistan real estate. With the ability to invest in the palm of their hands, we expect a huge boom in demand for property in Pakistan. It is more important than ever to have the proper tools and team behind you to protect your investment finances.


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